Underwater Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Long Beach Dive offers two models of Underwater GPS systems that allow a diver the ability to utilize Global Positioning System (GPS) data while submerged on a dive.


The RECON Pro is a complete underwater GPS system for use up to a depth of 70 feet (21 meters).

RECON Pro GPS Receiver

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Accu-Dive Pro

The Accu-Dive Pro is also complete underwater GPS system , and has the option of adding a GPS signal amplifier allowing for additional depth capability up to 175 feet (53 meters).

Accu-Dive Pro Components

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Underwater Wireless Video

The SCUBA-Vis is a diver held video camera module that displays a live picture on a TV or LCD remotly located on the surface (up to 300 feet away), such as a dive boat or shoreline.

Personel on the surface can see the same images as the diver is seeing live.

Long Beach Dive's SCUBA-Vis system is available in both Recreational and Resort models.


The SCUBA-Vis is a single diver or snorkeler unit for use in depths up to 100 feet (30 meters).

SCUBA-Vis Float/Camera

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The SCUBA-Vis Resort is an underwater video system that allows a Hotel or Resort to offer their guests a way to video their underwater experiences, either SCUBA or Snorkeling, and then take those memories home on DVD.

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Remotly Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV)

Long Beach Dive will announce shortly* the availability of a new ROV product.

The ROV is an underwater exploration tool designed for both recreational and professional explorers.


*Please refer back to our website for further updates on the availibility and pricing of our new ROV product.

Remotly Operated Vehicle (ROV)

ROV Controls

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GPS Charts and Software

Our RECON-Pro and Accu-Dive Pro Underwater GPS Systems can utilize off-the-shelf and custom charting software.
Garmin BlueChart Software
In addition to our base underwater GPS systems, customers may also purchase detailed charts* of the waterways where the underwater GPS system will be utalized. Gamin's MapSource BlueCharts are available for a wide range of worldwide locations.

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