SCUBA-Vis Resort - Wireless Underwater Video System

The SCUBA-VIS Resort from Long Beach Dive is an underwater video camera that displays a live picture on a TV or LCD located on the surface, such as a dive boat, or shoreline.

A wireless transmitter and receiver allow the base unit and float unit to be up to 300 feet from each other.

Anyone on the shore or a boat can see the same images that the diver is seeing, live.

The Long Beach Dive SCUBA-Vis Resort Model takes a new approach to the world of underwater video designed for Hotels and Resorts which already have a waterfront activity program for their guests. Our SCUBA-Vis allows a hotel recreation program an additional method of both entertaining guests and visitors, as well as a way for those guests to take home there underwater memories on a VHS tape or DVD.

The SCUBA-Vis is especially well suited for use in:

  • Recreational Underwater Video

SCUBA-Vis Resort Camera Unit

SCUBA-Vis Resort LCD Screen

SCUBA-Vis Resort Configurations

SCUBA-Vis Resort Recording w/ Customer supplied PC

SCUBA-Vis Resort Foat Unit

A listing of some of the components of our underwater video system follows.

We have presented some general packages below, however due to the varying customer requirements, several custom configurations can be made available.

Please contact our sales office to discuss the various options available for your individual needs.

SCUBA-Vis Resort Components

The SCUBA-Vis is comprised of several main components including:

  • Float Unit
    • A Dive Float
    • Wireless Video Transmitter
    • 12volt Rechargeable Battery

  • Camera Unit
    • Underwater Color Video Camera
    • (6) White LED Lights
    • 55 Feet of umbilical cable (Camera to float unit)

  • Base Station Unit
    • 7.2" (Diagonal) LCD Display
    • Wireless Infrared LCD Remote Control
    • 12volt Rechargeable Battery
    • Wireless Video Receiver
    • 12volt cigarette lighter adapter
    • Watertight Carry Case
    • Glare Screen

  • Base Station Options
    • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    • PC Based DVR

SCUBA-Vis Resort Recording with LBD supplied PC

SCUBA-Vis Resort Product Options

The SCUBA-Vis Resort can be equipped with :

  • One to sixteen camera / float units
  • Options for use of either a customer or LBD supplied personal computer
  • Many other configuration options. Please call Long Beach Dive sales to discuss how the SCUBA-Vis can be added to your waterfront recreation area.

SCUBA-Vis Resort Video

SCUBA-Vis Resort Components

Please select the picture below for a slideow of the SCUBA-Vis components.

SCUBA-Vis Resort Support Documents

SCUBA-Vis Component Specifications
SCUBA-Vis Product Line Card
SCUBA-Vis User Manual

SCUBA-Vis Resort Pricing

The SCUBA-Vis can be equiped in a variety of configurations depending on customer requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and a general price can be generated.

SCUBA-Vis Resort System $ Call us to discuss your requirements

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