RECON-Pro - Underwater Global Positioning System (GPS/SONAR)

Long Beach Dive's RECON Pro product is a complete GPS receiver system designed specifically for underwater divers.

The RECON Pro has been engineered for use in many demanding professional and military underwater applications including: Search and Recovery, Navigation, Mapping, and Reconnaissance.

Composed of a small inflatable surface antenna float, signal/umbilical cable, and underwater GPS receiver, the RECON Pro provides divers with a valuable tool for use in pre-dive planning, dive operations, and post-dive analysis.

RECON-PRO float, cable, and GPS shown above.

RECON-PRO components shown in Hard Carry Case above.

RECON-Pro GPS Receiver

RECON-Pro GPS Receiver

RECON Pro Components

The RECON Pro is a complete underwater GPS system for use up to a depth of 70 feet (21 meters).


- Integrated Garmin GPSMAP ® 172C or 178C Chartplotter / Sounder Global Positioning System receiver, with 200Mhz processor allowing for almost instantaneous screen refresh

- Dual-frequency SONAR Transducer (400Watts (RMS) 3200Watts (PTP) output) (GPSMAP 178C Only)

- High-strength Acrylic Housing

- Large 3.2” (81mm) x 3.2” (81mm) High Resolution 256-COLOR CSTN-LCD Display with adjustable backlighting (320x320 pixels)

- Rechargeable 12-volt battery and charger

- WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) Compatible for < 3 meter position accuracy. (EGNOS in Europe and MSAS in Japan)

- Easy to use, fully functional "Stylus" based GPS receiver keypad, with backlighting

- System is rated and fully submersible to a depth of 100 feet (30 meters). GPS can be used to a depth of 70 feet (21 meters)

- Inflatable surface float for a low-profile presence on the surface of the water

- Chart plotter with integrated data card reader for uploading detailed maps of the dive area

- PC connections (Serial) for use with pre-dive planning and post-dive analysis software

- Water-tight protective Pelican ® hard carry case with wheels

RECON-Pro Keypad and LCD Screen

The RECON-Pro comes equipped with a unique underwater keypad and large 3.2 " (81mm) X 3.2 " (81mm) High Resolution COLOR LCD screen.

These allow a diver to easily select any of the GPS receiver functions, using a handheld stylus, while submerged on a dive.

RECON-Pro LCD with BlueChart

RECON-Pro Keypad

RECON-Pro Keypad & Stylus Demonstration

Product Options


The RECON-Pro comes fully equipped to be utilized right out of the box.

In addition to the base system, customers may also purchase detailed charts of the waterways where the RECON-Pro will be utilized. Gamin's MapSource BlueCharts are available for a wide range of worldwide locations.

The RECON-Pro has a slot located on the bottom of the receiver where a data card can be inserted.

read more on optional charts & software

RECON-Pro LCD with BlueChart Software


The RECON-Pro can also be equiped with SONAR capability.

A Garmin GPSMAP 178C Sounder unit with Dual-frequency SONAR Transducer (400Watts (RMS) 3200Watts (PTP) output) can be optionaly ordered.

The RECON-Pro GPS Receiver housing has a connector at the bottom to accomidate the SONAR transducer cable. The system can be used with or without the transducer.

RECON-Pro SONAL Transducer (Optional)


RECON-Pro Component Pictures

Select the RECON-Pro picture below for a slide show of all its components.

RECON-Pro Components

RECON-Pro Support Documents

RECON-Pro Product Line Card
RECON-Pro Component Specifications
RECON-Pro User Guide
RECON-Pro Quick Start Card

RECON-Pro Pricing

The RECON-Pro, equipped as described above, is currently priced at:

RECON-Pro Base Unit GPS Capable System (Garmin GPSMAP 172C) US$ 3100.00
RECON-Pro Product Options
RECON-Pro with SONAR Capability SONAR and GPS Capable System (Garmin GPSMAP 178C) US$ XXXX.00
Garmin BlueChart CDROM 1 area license See Charts Page
Garmin DataCard 64MB See Charts Page
Garmin PC DataCard Writer USB Cable See Charts Page

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