SCUBA-Vis - Wireless Underwater Video System

The SCUBA-VIS from Long Beach Dive is an underwater video camera that displays a live picture on a TV or LCD located on the surface, such as a dive boat, or shoreline.

A wireless transmitter and receiver allow the base unit and float unit to be up to 300 feet from each other.

Anyone on the shore or a boat can see the same images that the diver is seeing, live.

The SCUBA-Vis is especially well suited for use in:

  • Recreational Underwater Video
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Underwater Archeology

SCUBA-Vis Camera

SCUBA-Vis LCD Screen

SCUBA-Vis Float, Cable Reel, and Camera

SCUBA-Vis Components

The SCUBA-Vis is comprised of several main components including:

  • Float Unit
    • A Dive Float and Flag
    • Wireless Video Transmitter
    • 12volt Rechargeable Battery

  • Camera Unit
    • Underwater Color Video Camera
    • (6) White LED Lights
    • 55 Feet of umbilical cable (Camera to float unit) (Additional cable length is available).

  • Base Station Unit
    • 7.2" (Diagonal) LCD Display
    • Wireless Infrared LCD Remote Control
    • 12volt Rechargeable Battery
    • Wireless Video Receiver
    • 12volt cigarette lighter adapter
    • Watertight Carry Case
    • Glare Screen

SCUBA-Vis Product Options

The SCUBA-Vis Comes complete. as described above.

  • Customers can optionaly order additional length of umbilical cable up to a maximum of 200 feet (60 meters).
  • Customers can also optionaly order a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

SCUBA-Vis Video

SCUBA-Vis Components

Please select the picture below for a slideow of the SCUBA-Vis components.

SCUBA-Vis Components

SCUBA-Vis Support Documents

SCUBA-Vis Component Specifications
SCUBA-Vis Product Line Card
SCUBA-Vis User Manual

SCUBA-Vis Pricing

The SCUBA-Vis, equipped as described above, is currently priced at:

Base SCUBA-Vis Unit US$ 1400.00
SCUBA-Vis Product Options
Additional Umbilical Cable /per foot US$ 1.00 Call us to discuss your requirements and to order.
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) US$ 250.00

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