ROV - Rometly Operated Underwater Vehicle

Long Beach Dive will soon anounce it's NEW remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) product.

Engineered to be a robust, and cost efficent underwater exploration tool.

The ROV is especially well suited for use in:

  • Underwater Surveys
  • Recreational Underwater Video
  • Marine Archeology

ROV (Remotly Operated Vehicle)

ROV Control / LCD Case

ROV (Remotly Operated Vehicle)

ROV Components

The ROV is comprised of several main components including:

  • ROV Unit
    • Two 12amp Main Thrusters
    • Two 12amp Up/Down Thrusters
    • Motor Control Housing
    • Camera / RC Control Housing
    • Sturdy HDPE Frame

  • Umbilical / Surface Battery Wheeled Cart
    • 150 foot Signal&Power / Umbilical Cable
    • 24volt Surface Power Supply Unit(Batterys Not Included)
    • Power Switch & Circuit Breaker

  • Camera Unit
    • One High-Resolution , Low LUX Black & White Camera
    • One High-Resolution, Color Camera with 2X Digital Zoom

  • Lighting
    • Two External LED Light Arrays (White Light)
    • Two External LED Light Arrayss (Infrared Light)
    • (2) Red Laser Pointers

  • Surface Control Unit
    • One Main LCD (10" diagonal)
    • One Secondary LCD (7" diagonal)
    • One Compass/Video Playback LCD  (7" diagonal)
    • RC Controls (Channel)
    • LED Light Switches
    • Laser Switch
    • One Proportional Thruster Joystick (Forward,Reverse, Left, Right)
    • One Proportional Thruster Joystick (Up, Down)
    • One Proportional Camera Joystick (Up, Down, Left, Right)
    • LCD Glasses w/ Sound

ROV Controls and LCD Screens

The ROV controls and LCD screens are housed in a watertight carry case, and allow the operator(s) complete contol of the ROV from a central station.

Product Options

The ROV comes fully equiped to be utalized right out of the box.

In addition to the base system, customers may also purchase one of the following product options :

Underwater Metal Detector

read more on ROV product options

ROV Support Documents

ROV Component Specifications
ROV Product Line Card
ROV User Manual

ROV Pricing

The new Long Beach Dive ROV as described above is not yet available for purchase.

If you would like to be informed as to when this product will be available and the subsequent pricing involved, please go to our Contact Us page and fill out the information section. We will email you once the ROV is listed on our site.

Base ROV Unit US$ TBD
ROV Product Options
Metal Detector US$ TBD

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