RECON PRO MilSpec - Underwater Global Positioning System (GPS)

Long Beach Dive's RECON Pro MilSpec is a complete GPS Receiver System designed specifically for Underwater Combat Divers.

The RECON Pro MilSpec has been engineered for use in many demanding professional and military underwater applications including: Search and Recovery, Navigation, Mapping, and Reconnaissance.

Composed of a small inflatable surface antenna float, signal/umbilical cable, and underwater GPS receiver, the RECON Pro MilSpec provides divers with a valuable tool for use in pre-dive planning, dive operations, and post-dive analysis.

RECON-PRO MilSpec float, cable, and GPS shown above.

RECON-PRO MilSpec components shown in Hard Carry Case above.

RECON-Pro MilSpec GPS Receiver

RECON Pro MilSpec Components

The RECON Pro MilSpec is a complete underwater GPS system rated and fully submersible to a depth of 160 feet (48 meters). GPS can be used up to a depth of 30 feet (21 meters).


- Integrated Garmin GPSMAP ® 276C Chartplotter, Global Positioning System receiver

- High-strength Poly-carbonate Housing

- Large 3.75" diagonal (9.5cm) High Resolution 256-COLOR Transflective TFT-LCD Display with adjustable backlighting (480x320 pixels)

- Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries, with 5 to 15* hour life (*depending on back-light usage)

- WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) Compatible for < 3 meter position accuracy. (EGNOS in Europe and MSAS in Japan)

- Easy to use, fully functional "Stylus" based GPS receiver keypad, with backlighting

- System is rated and fully submersible to a depth of 160 feet (48 meters). GPS can be used to a depth of 30 feet (9 meters)

- Inflatable / submersible surface float for no / low-profile presence on the surface of the water

- Chart plotter with integrated data card reader for uploading detailed maps of the dive area

- PC connections (USB & Serial) for use with pre-dive planning and post-dive analysis PC software

- Water-tight protective Pelican ® hard carry case

RECON-Pro MilSpec Keypad and LCD Screen

The RECON-Pro MilSpec comes equipped with a unique underwater keypad and large 3.2 " (81mm) X 3.2 " (81mm) High Resolution COLOR LCD screen.

These allow a diver to easily select any of the GPS receiver functions, using a handheld stylus, while submerged on a dive.

RECON-Pro MilSpec LCD with BlueChart

RECON-Pro MilSpec Keypad

RECON-Pro MilSpec Keypad & Stylus Demonstration

Product Options

The RECON-Pro MilSpec comes fully equipped to be utilized right out of the box.

In addition to the base system, customers may also purchase detailed charts of the waterways where the RECON-Pro MilSpec will be utilized. Gamin's MapSource BlueCharts are available for a wide range of worldwide locations.

The RECON-Pro has a slot located on the bottom of the receiver where a data card can be inserted.

read more on optional charts & software

RECON-Pro LCD with BlueChart Software

RECON-Pro MilSpec Component Pictures

Select the RECON-Pro MilSpec picture below for a slide show of all its components.

RECON-Pro MilSpec Components

RECON-Pro MilSpec Support Documents

RECON-Pro MilSPec Component Specifications
RECON-Pro MilSpec Product Line Card
RECON-Pro MilSpec User Guide
RECON-Pro MilSpec Quick Start Card

RECON-Pro MilSpec Pricing

The RECON-Pro MilSpec, equipped as described above, is currently priced at:

Base RECON-Pro MilSpec Unit US$ XXXX.00
RECON-Pro MilSpec Product Options
Garmin BlueChart CDROM 1 area license See Charts Page
Garmin DataCard 64MB See Charts Page
Garmin PC DataCard Writer USB Cable See Charts Page

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